瑪利諾中學 | 2024-2025 中一自行分配學位申請─面試安排

2024-2025 中一自行分配學位申請─面試安排



Interview for the application of Secondary 1 Discretionary Place

面試日期 Date of Interview︰ 25/2/2024(星期日 Sunday) 

⚫ 實體面試日請帶備以下文件之正本: 

      Please bring along the original copies of the following documents on the interview day: 

      1. 小五全年、小六上學期 / 小六全年成績表(如有) 

          School Report Cards for P.5 (both Terms), P.6 (1st Term) and P.6 (both Terms) if any 

      2. 出世紙或身分證 / 有效居留證明文件 

          Birth Certificate/HKID Card/Resident Certificate 

      3. 領洗紙 (如為天主教徒) 

          Catholic Certificate of Baptism (applicable to Catholics) 

      4. 課外活動及獎項之證明文件 

          Relevant certificates, awards and/or proof of extra-curricular activities 

⚫ 請準備一分鐘英語自我介紹 

      Please prepare one minute self-introduction in English. 

⚫ 面試程序大約一小時 

      The interview process takes around one hour.


 Details of the Appointment Time will be listed in the following documents :